Calaveras and Lake? What IS that?

Leveling and some beginnings of a foundation seem to be going in at Calaveras and Lake – in the “crater” between the middle school and Ralphs.  Rumors that it may be an “Aldi’s” going in there have been stoked by various internet ramblings, including the fact that an Aldi’s sign permit has been requested.  Aldi’s continues to neither confirm nor deny their future in Altadena, saying only that they are opening many new stores in Southern California.

What is indisputable is that plans have been approved for the site, and construction has started.  But many in the community, including business owners and residents, have raised concerns about what the building will look like – which doesn’t seem to match community standards – official or otherwise – with no windows or doors facing the street.

The final approved plans have not been available – but will be shortly, the County told an Altadenan who requested them.  Once they are available, and if they confirm the community’s worst fears about a community-unfriendly design, what would people like to do?  We have heard of community members interested in circulating a petition, requesting a more community-appropriate store front.  Other ideas?

Just as a point of information, the developer is The Charles Company – and whether it’s and Aldi’s or some other development, it is something the community will have to live with for years to come.  Stay tuned for more info here.

The linked artist renderings and suggestions [Aldi Idea Sheet Rev2] for improved building design can work regardless of whether an Aldi comes in – or any other business.  [Thanks to Chris Dricoll for the work on the attachment.]

What do you think?