NBBA Releases White Paper Exposing Community Standard Violations in Lake/Calaveras Development

Historic Corner : Historic Choices – A Critical Analysis of Current Plans and Recommendations for Changes to The Charles Company Retail Project at Lake/Calaveras, Altadena, CA. [click here to download]

Today NBBA – along with other signatories to our report – will address the Altadena Town Council (ATC) about the building plan for the Lake/Calaveras development.  Our paper – Historic Corner : Historic Choices – downloadable above – shows the building plan is in clear violation to our CSD – Community Standards – and we hope that the ATC will join us in recommending that the County review the plans to ensure compliance with Altadena rules.

Altadena Chamber of Commerce, Altadena Heritage, Altadena Historical Society,  Eliot Arts Magnet Middle School PTA and School Site Council, along with Eliot’s principal, Lori Touloumian, have co-signed the paper in support of improvements in the building plan.

Join us tonight at the ATC meeting, held at 7 PM at the Altadena Community Center – 730 East Altadena Drive.  Wear Altadena Green to support improvements!

Article regarding the building:




Altadena Community Joins Together to Insist on Improved Building Design at Lake/Calaveras

NBBA has joined with Altadena Heritage, Altadena Historical Society, the Altadena Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Eliot Arts Magnet Middle School PTA and Principal Lori Touloumian, to insist that the Aldi building design at Lake and Calaveras be improved to meet our Community Standards – CSD.  The historic cooperation between the five Altadena groups comes as a result of outrage and dismay over a poor building plan that works against the Altadena community’s efforts to improve the walkability of our town, and maintain a “village-like atmosphere” in our commercial districts.

On Tuesday at the Altadena Town Council meeting, we will release a White Paper detailing the specific areas in our CSD that the building plan violates our CSD.  Join us – and wear Altadena green to show your solidarity.

If you would like to be part of planning our approach for Tuesday evening’s meeting, join us for our Saturday morning Work Group meeting, at 9:30 AM.  Email us for details – mail@buildingabetteraltadena.org.

Stay tuned – we will post the White Paper here in advance of the ATC meeting.