We’re making a difference – let’s keep the heat on!

Members of the White Paper Coalition address the Altadena Town Council, encouraging changes needed to the Lake/Calaveras development.

Last month a broad coalition of Altadenans filled the room of the Altadena Town Council and presented a White Paper, arguing that the Charles Company’s building plans for our historic Lake and Calaveras corner did not meet our community standards (CSD).  We stood together and insisted changes
needed to be made – and quickly – before substantial work on the construction site took place.

We were well organized and well received – and the ATC took swift action to forward our deep concerns to the County Supervisor’s office.

On Tuesday, December 15th, Gene Detchemendy – a representative of the Charles Company developer – will present to the ATC again on the development.  We hope we will hear them commit to substantive changes to the Lake/Calaveras building site that will come in alignment with our Community Standards.

We know that being there will help ensure our message is well received, once again.

Please come out to the meeting Tuesday evening to show your support for an Altadena-friendly smart building design.  Wear Altadena Green!  The ATC meets at 7 PM on Tuesday the 15th, in the Altadena Community Center, 730 E. Altadena Drive.  


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