Stop Future Monstrosities – Comments from the White Paper Coalition on the new CSD

This Thursday evening, Altadena residents will have their second of three opportunities to air feedback and recommendations on the new Community Standards District – or CSD document – that governs commercial and residential building in Altadena.  After more than three years of tireless work, a group of Altadena volunteers – the CSD committee – along with the County Regional Planning Department – anxiously await  community comments on the new draft.

The tragic monstrosity currently under construction at Lake and Calaveras certainly helps highlight the importance of the CSD that governs and regulates both commercial and residential buildings in our town.  There is no doubt that a stronger version of our current CSD could have prevented some of the unfortunate design flaws of the Lake/Calaveras building, currently under construction.

Our “White Paper” Coalition – a coalition of Altadena organizations with concerns about the Lake/Calaveras development – has put together comments and recommendations regarding the new CSD as well.  The coalition includes the Altadena Chamber of Commerce, the Altadena Historical Society, Altadena Heritage, The Altadena Children’s Center director,  the Principal, School Site Council, and PTA of Eliot Arts Magnet Academy, as well as NBBA.  Our coalition will be presenting the paper publicly at the meeting on Thursday.  You can also read our comments here:

Altadena CSD – White Paper Coalition Comments – final

Please join NBBA and other neighbors this Thursday, July 28th, at Eliot Arts Academy on Lake, to give comments and feedback to our local committee and the County Regional Planning Department.

To read the new CSD as well as other official documents related to the process, go to the County website:

For a comprehensive review of the history and importance of the CSD, Altadena Heritage’s website is supreme:

Hope to see you there!



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