Run, Altadena, Run!

Civic engagement makes our community stronger – and our Altadena Town Council (ATC) is critical to our community health! Our ATC has eight census tract districts, and every year one of the two representative seats is up for election.

Last year, only one person ran in each CT area. Without competition, several members were elected with fewer than 5 votes.  We believe this hurts our community – if fewer people know what’s happening, then less gets done that’s good for all of us.

Do you have ideas to make Altadena a better place? Do you want to keep your neighbors informed about what’s happening in our town? Have you considered running for Town Council?

You have until May 12th to get your application in.  The election is June 6th and June 10th.

If you can’t run, is someone in your census tract running?

Here’s our 8 CT areas:

Here’s who is currently on the ATC – and who’s seat is up for election this cycle – and who we know is or isn’t running:

 Census Tract

Current ATC Reps
(* means seat open this year)


Who is Running in the 2017 Election

4601 John White Anne not running again.
  Anne Chomyn*  
4602 Okorie Ezieme ?
  Billy Malone*  
4603.01 Judy Matthews ?
  Damon Hobdy*  
4603.02 Gloria Sanmyika ?
  Dean Cooper*  
4610 Nestor De La Torre Brent confirmed he will be running.
  Brent Musson*  
4611 Pat Sutherlen Justin confirmed he will be running.
  Justin Robertson*  
4612 Jennifer Lee Anne not running.
  Anne Lansing*  
4613 Diane Marcussen ?
  Sylvia Vega*

Here’s where to get the information on the candidate application:

And for more information on dates, deadlines, the independent Altadena Elections website is very helpful:

And if you are going to run, let us know so we can put your information up on this chart – and we’ll even provide a link to any online information you wish to provide.

Let’s make Altadena better – and get more of us involved!


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