Altadena Town Council Election Update – New Council Member Forum on 5/30

5-30-2018 : ATC Election Forum Flyer

Run, Altadena, … run…..? Well, thankfully, three folks stepped up to fill the seats for Council members whose term is up and are not running for reelection.  Those not running are Judy Matthews, Nestor de la Torre, and John White.  Those stepping up to fill their slots are Jeff Simmonds in 4601, Arron Tschida in 460301, and Antonio Becerra in 4610.

But the ATC found themselves in a conundrum : no actual contested races… does it make sense to hold an election? They weighed the options at the recent Town Council meeting which you can see here [video clip on] – thanks for posting, Eric Pierce.

So there will be no ATC Election this year.  Candidates will be installed without election.

NBBA will be hosting our candidate forum at 7pm on Wednesday, May 30th, at the Altadena Community Center.  This will still be a great opportunity for people to meet the new Council people and others running for reelection.  As always, NBBA’s ATC Election Forum also gives time for all candidates to meet directly with the people from their census tract for discussions on issues and vision, after the more formal “forum” agenda. Please come out this year – with no election we believe this forum is even more important to ensure candidates hear from their constituency.   5-30-2018 : ATC Election Forum Flyer

While many feel the Council has been more responsive to community concerns in the last year, fewer than usual are running this year.  Why is that? Does it matter? Is more engagement by Altadenans in our Council Election better for our community?  Why? Or Why not?

Very interested in hearing Altadenans’ thoughts.


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