NBBA Activities & Calendar

One of the more complete calendars for Altadena Activities is hosted by Altadena Now on http://www.altadena-now.com/main/events/.  Please check here for events NBBA’ers are directly involved in. If you are interested in getting involved, and need more info, please contact us at mail@buildingabetteraltadena.org.

Tuesday 11/17/15 7 PM – Support improvements to the Calaveras/Lake Box Building: Go to the Altadena Town Council Meeting wearing Altadena Green at 7 PM.  

  • We’ll be publicly presenting our White Paper  – “Historic Corner : Historic Choices.”  Joining us will be Eliot Middle School, the Chamber of Commerce, Altadena Historical Society, and Altadena Heritage.  We will show how the building design violates our community standards – CSD, and request that the ATC sign on as supporters so we can go to the County together to request a plan review.
  • To preview the White Paper, click here to download:
    Historic Corner : Historic Choices