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A community with great representation can become a great community – and a better place to live!

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Are you interested in getting involved to help your neighbors get to know each other, become more involved, and better informed? Do you want to help figure out solutions to issues in our community? Have you thought about running for Town Council? Or maybe you know someone who would be GREAT as a council rep. This is the year to get involved! At NBBA we are working to ensure broader participation in the Town Council to improve Altadenans’ voices in issues that impact us.

Two representatives in each of our 8 census tract districts, elected alternate years, serve 2-year terms.  These brave volunteers put in many hours into public meetings and working with their neighbors to help our town, and advise the County on various issues. The Council’s work shapes a lot of the big policy issues impacting our community.

Every year, candidates from each of our eight census tract areas can put their hat in the ring, get out and talk to their neighbors, and hope to get the votes to win the two year term to represent their neighborhood.

Are you interested in running? Great! Here are some hints to get started:

  1. Go to the next ATC meeting, held every third Tuesday of the month, at 7 PM, at the Altadena Community Center, to familiarize yourself with the players and issues. Take some time at the end of the meeting to meet your representatives, and talk to them about what it has been like as a representative, and issues in our town.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the ATC, and some of the issues they’ve handled.  You can find links to the Council webpage, an independent Council Election page, and figure out what Council district you live in.
  3. Soon, the current ATC will appoint an election committee who will develop a calendar for the June election, including filing deadlines, early voting dates and locations, etc.  We will post the information here – but both the ATC website and the independent Altadena Election website will also post information. Stay up on the information so you don’t miss your deadline to file for your candidacy.
  4. Get to know your neighbors. Do some door-knocking. Start to understand what your neighbors are concerned about, what they care about. Let them know about your intention to run.

Do you know which of your Town Council reps’ term is up? Do you know if they are running again? For 2018, here are the reps whose terms end:

  • CT 4601 –  John E. White
  • CT 4602 – Okorie Ezieme
  • CT 4603.01 – Judy Matthews
  • CT 4603.02 – Gloria Sanyika
  • CT 4610 – Nestor De La Torre (He has announced he will not be seeking re-election)
  • CT 4611 – Patricia Sutherlen
  • CT 4612 – Jennifer Lee
  • CT 4613 – Diane Marcussen

At NBBA we believe the more people who are involved in our Town Council the stronger voice our community will have, with County, and on issues we care about. We support multiple candidates running from each Council area, and greater numbers of our neighbors voting in the June election. We hope you will get involved this year!

Important Dates for People Thinking about Running

  • April 14 : Candidate Workshop –  If you are considering running, this workshop will be an awesome opportunity to find out more about being a great candidate, running a campaign, and being a great representative.  For information on how to register, see this Facebook page with more information about the workshop as well: Winning Campaigns Workshop
  • April 18 : Applications Available – Candidate Applications will be available on the ATC website.
  • May 11 : Candidate Applications Due – This will be the last day to turn in your application to run.
  • May 15 : Candidates Introductions at ATC Meeting
  • May 30 : NBBA Candidate Forum – NBBA will host a candidate forum, giving each candidate an opportunity to share views with the audience, and then we break down into CT areas, so people from your voting area will be able to have conversations with their candidates.
  • Tuesday June 5 and Saturday June 9 : Town Council Election Days
  • June 17 : Newly Elected Representative Seated on Council

About Altadena Politics and How to Find Your Local Representative:

Altadena is a County unincorporated town.  Our “mayor” is County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.  We have a volunteer, elected Town Council (ATC) that deals with many issues in our community, including development, neighborhood complaints, and education, and receives regular reports from our library and our Altadena Sheriff.  The ATC meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Altadena Community Center at 7 PM.

For the purpose of the ATC, Altadena is divided in to eight representational areas that correspond with our Census Tract districts. Each Census Tract district has two elected representatives. Representatives are elected for two year terms in an election on the first Tuesday each June.

To find out more about the ATC, go to their website at http://www.altadenatowncouncil.org.

To find your representative, here are the steps:

  1. Find out which Census Tract you live in on this page: http://tinyurl.com/altadena-census-tracts
  2. All representatives are listed on the Council webpage: http://altadenatowncouncil.org/
  3. While some of them list their own emails on their pages on this site, all can be emailed using their names in this format: firstname.lastname@altadenatowncouncil.org .

During the election season, the Altadena Election website has a lot of information on election specifics – please visit the website at www.AltadenaElection.org.

If you are interested in the history of the Altadena Town Council, AltadenaElection.org has posted this great summary by our own Altadena historian, Michele Zack:



2014 ATC Candidate Forum – Hosted by NBBA